Practical Advice from an Athletic Trainer Mom

I am Britney Webb, a wife of a high school coach, a mother of three ACTIVE boys ages 8, 11, 13 and I am also an Athletic Trainer (AT) going on 18 years.

Our children are our pride and joy; we will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. This information is intended to help with the educational facts/resources from a parent’s view point, and help direct you in researching the best care for your child.

As parents, we sometimes second guess ourselves and hoping we are doing and giving the right care to our child. “If in doubt sit them out” is a phrase that will be good to follow until you can get your child to a medical evaluation.

It is easy to see an injury if it is the ankle or knee, because the child will be limping, right? But if the brain is injured we cannot see it limping or can we? Some people will say “there’s nothing wrong, we can’t see anything hurt or swelling”.

With a head injury – the brain is limping! Signs of headache, nausea, ringing in the ears, and confusion just to name a few can be the “LIMP”. We have to recognize the “LIMP” (better known as the signs and symptoms).

You know your child. You know when something is wrong. Your gut tells you! Listen to your gut and observe the “LIMP” and seek medical advice from your athletic trainer, and/or medical team.

Some great resources can be found on the National Athletic Trainers web site, This video is a great tool for you and your child to watch Remember, it is just not the sport of football that causes concussions; you can get a concussion in any type of sport or activity.

Again, you are doing a great job as a parent getting educated on the facts!

Remember…”if in doubt sit them out”

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